The Importance of Proper Cash Handling

Why is proper cash handling important?

Cash handling is an important part of any financial institution. When it comes to customers utilizing your ATMs and ITMs during and after normal business hours, you want to have the most seamless operation with machines stocked quickly and efficiently. Having reliable cash delivery can save you time and money too, by reducing downtime and costly machine repairs. Cash handlers with a thorough understanding of ATM operations can avoid mistakes like leaving the cash strap on, improperly loading the cash, or other common problems.

Why choose Titan Armored over other cash handlers? 

Titan Armored exclusively specializes in cash replenishment for financial institutions. We have highly trained and experienced cash handlers who are cross trained on banking machines. They follow correct stocking procedures while handling ATM/ITM equipment with care.  Other cash handlers who aren’t familiar with the specific hardware can damage machines and may simply not understand how it works.

Avoiding fraud.

One of the hardest parts of managing a financial institution is protecting information and assets from fraud – including having an imposter show up to access your ATM. Titan Armored provides you with signature lists and electronic badge identification so you can be sure the person who shows up is indeed a Titan employee. We have less turnover than other companies because we pay better, offer better benefits, and treat our employees with respect.  This leads to smoother, less disruptive visits and fewer issues when replenishing ATMs.

Management and experience make the difference.

The Titan Armored team leverages over 250 years of combined management experience. We hire the best people available and cross-train them on ATMs and ITMs for a seamless cash replenishment experience.

Titan Armored is backed by QSI

When you choose Titan Armored for your cash handling needs, you get a service that has been designed with the needs of financial institutions in mind. Titan Armored is a sister company of QSI and applies the same high standards for customer service for which QSI is known.