Reducing Cash Costs With LOGICASH

LOGICASH is the solution for managing cash inventory, supplying customer demand, and maintaining availability. LOGICASH dynamically analyzes actual demand and recommends replacements to achieve a controlled residual rate and limit excess inventory.

LOGICASH is built upon 30+ years’ experience. Unlike most cash forecasting services, LOGICASH benefits from CIT provider input and partnership with Titan Armored. And LOGICASH brings the QSI standard of quality service delivery to cash forecasting thereby filling a much-needed service to complete the cash delivery-cash consumption cycle, lowering cash-related costs, and simplifying ATM cash operations.


  • Analyze historical demand at each location and predict future requirements
  • Targets residuals to reduce excess network cash
  • Incorporates holidays and seasonality to control low cash or cash-out occurrences
  • Has configurable cashpoint settings to accommodate a diverse fleet and enables adaptability to changing requirements and evolving technology
  • Provides site specific denomination splits from historical dispense metrics
  • Orders output for CIT just-in-time order packing
  • Minimizes CIT vault inventories by correctly predicting downstream demand

LOGICASH and Titan Armored are the  the total package.

With the help of LOGICASH and dedication of Titan Armored, you can lower your cash costs while receiving better, more reliable service. Contact us today so we can create a plan for you!